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Welcome to City Sweeps
With a background building refurbishment I set up City Sweeps in 2015 when our building clients kept telling me they wanted a full service chimney sweep specialist.

We now install, maintain and sweep wood burning stoves and traditional fireplaces across the whole of West London . Our customers love the fact that we have building backgrounds and as a result CitySweeps is rated as one of the best chimney service specialists in town. Why not see for yourself at


Chimney flues need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses; a clean chimney is therefore vital for these gasses to evacuate quickly and freely. Regular cleaning removes soot and blockages and helps prevent dangerous and potentially damaging chimney fires.…


Visual We always carry out a full visual inspection when we sweep a chimney, firstly to check its safe to sweep and secondly to identify any potential problems that we might incur, for example seeing birds flying to and from a…

Maintenance & Repair

Chimney Pots Chimney pots are often the part of the flue system that is most weathered and in need of repair. We offer a full service repair, replacement and matching service. We are fully insured and have all the relevant…


Stoves Wood burning and Multifuel stoves are a stylish, economical and green way to heat your home and enjoy a fire.   We offer a full bespoke service from quote to full installation, whether you have a chimney or fireplace…

Commercial & Biomass

A major part of our business is Sweeping the Chimneys of Commercial Systems. These systems are both complex by nature and require expertise and experience beyond that of a standard Chimney Sweep.   Such Systems Include: Biomass Boilers Wood Gasification…

Chimney Lining

Chimney lining or re-lining is where the chimney is in need of repair to make it function in both a safe and economical manner. It involves replacing the inner surface of the chimney to take the waste or exhaust gases from…
Maintenance & Repair
Commercial & Biomass
Chimney Lining

Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

The service was excellent, the job was done quickly and efficiently, no mess!

Keir Schiltz

Weybridge, Surrey.

City Sweeps offers us reliable, honest and trustworthy options for all our needs.

Tim Bower, CEO

Pulse Management, Wimbledon.

Appointment made, job done professionally, all very efficient and simple.

Inga Taylor

Sunbury, Surrey.

Free! Free home consultation


2 weeks ago

City Sweeps London

Sweeping season is well underway! With more of us working from home this winter we’ve seen a massive demand for wood burning stoves! Get yours in quick! If you’ve already got one ensure to have it swept and service ready for use! #saftyfirst #woodburningstove #woodburner #fireplace #fire #london #chimneysweep ...

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7 months ago

City Sweeps London

From us to you we hope you are safe and well during these very strange times. We’re sure you’ll be using your lovely fires for warmth and comfort, maybe more than usual. We hope you don’t come across any problems, but if you do, rest assure that we are still providing our services for emergencies cases. Taking all the necessary percussions. #stayhomestaysafe #saftyfirst ...

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7 months ago

City Sweeps London

With the changes to our everyday lives, people are going to be at home more in the coming months, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are going to be used more and for longer.

Some simple advice, we can all stay safe and warm during this testing time.

DO - Ensure that your chimney and appliance are cleaned and serviced in line with your normal routine.

DO NOT- slumber you stove and try to burn it all night.

DO NOT- burn wet or treated wood.

TEST - your Carbon monoxide alarm regularly.

City Sweeps London take the safety of our staff and customers seriously, we always wear very high spec respirators and fresh gloves for every job.

We would also ask that you not be offended if we take the very unusual step of refusing any drinks whilst we are with you. Please be assured that as soon as possible we will return to our thirsty ways and kindly accept when offered.

From Ed and the team at City Sweeps London

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36 Dead birds from one chimney❗️ Perhaps a million birds are dying each year inside UK chimneys. Support National Bird Guard Week, 9th - 13th March. Appropriately fitted guards & caps will stop needless suffering & keep you safer too. Full story here:

Some good informative pics from Stove Industry Alliance @StoveIndustry

🔥The dryer the wood the more heat produced 🔥

I do advise customers to purchase a moisture meter and check the wood they are burning it benefits the customer and the chimney 🔥😁👍

Numerous misleading headlines in today's press. To clarify, wood burning stoves are NOT being banned. Defra has announced a ban on traditional house coal &
wood fuel with a moisture content above 20% NOT on the appliances. Please read beyond the headline. #woodburningstoves

To all our customers, if you need help understanding the new potential laws regarding clean air and having a fire please give us a call as we have been keeping up to date and helping to inform government and local government about best practice.

Great statement from the @StoveIndustry on the new regulations being brought in over the next few years regarding wet wood and coal #stoveindustryalliance #hetas #defra #woodburningstoves

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