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At City Sweeps we are dedicated to both gaining experience and knowledge in our specialist areas. We think you will find that this is reflected in our work, our employees and ultimately the safety of our customers. In using City Sweeps you can have the peace of mind that the service you will receive is always friendly, clean and professional.


Below are some of the accreditations and qualifications we hold. We think that when you employ a chimney sweep they should be outstanding in their area of expertise. We think that all chimney sweeps should be this way and if you are like us you always check the people that you use before inviting them into your home.

Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

The service was excellent, the job was done quickly and efficiently, no mess!

Keir Schiltz

Weybridge, Surrey.

City Sweeps offers us reliable, honest and trustworthy options for all our needs.

Tim Bower, CEO

Pulse Management, Wimbledon.

Appointment made, job done professionally, all very efficient and simple.

Inga Taylor

Sunbury, Surrey.