Chimney lining or re-lining is where the chimney is in need of repair to make it function in both a safe and economical manner. It involves replacing the inner surface of the chimney to take the waste or exhaust gases from your fire to outside.

We are specialists in a number of different chimney lining methods. The methods and materials we use and recommend will be dependent upon a number of different factors such as the type of fire/stove/appliance that you want to use or have already, the type of fuels you want to use and what type of flue/chimney is currently present (or even if you don’t have one at all).

Flexible lining systems are the quickest and easiest method of relining your chimney. We offer a range of flexible liners to suit your needs and budget.

Twinwall flue systems are a great alternative when there is no chimney present or the chimney stack has been partially removed. Twinwall is the go to system for new builds, conservatories, sheds, garden offices and anywhere where there isn’t a chimney present.

Eldfast lining system is a premium lining system that redcoats the internal face of a masonry chimney stack (brick, block and stone) with a layer of ceramic resin that is tough durable and very long lasting. It comes with a 25yr guarantee and has been known to last as long as 60yrs. It is often used to repair open fireplace flues where we need to keep the flue size as large as possible. We are fully trained and accredited to install this system and sign it off through HETAS.

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