Chimney pots are often the part of the flue system that is most weathered and in need of repair. We offer a full service repair, replacement and matching service. We are fully insured and have all the relevant qualifications and safety equipment to make sure both your chimney and roof are kept in the best condition whilst the repair work is being carried out.

Chimney Cowls are the things that are placed on top of the pot for many different reasons. Sometimes they are decorative, sometimes they are there to provide a certain function (keep the birds out) other times they are used to cap off a redundant flue that is no longer used. We can advise, provide and fit all types of cowling to your requirements.

Again this is a frequent need on older chimneys to make sure the chimney stack maintains its structural, aesthetic and weathering properties. We can quote from minor touch ups to full repointing services.

Now and again when a chimney hasn’t been maintained properly the stack and the brickwork might well need to be rebuilt. We offer a specialist brickwork service to match and repair any stack to best match its original appearance and function.