We always carry out a full visual inspection when we sweep a chimney, firstly to check its safe to sweep and secondly to identify any potential problems that we might incur, for example seeing birds flying to and from a chimney stack in nesting season would indicate a birds nest and a potential blockage and hazard to your fire and house. We also offer advice on the structural integrity of chimney stacks based on our many years of experience in construction and specifically chimneys. We can often identify remedial works that could potentially save you thousands of pounds if left unattended.

We offer a full range of CCTV surveys for customers and also party wall surveyors to identify and unseen problems and flue issues that might be present in your chimney. We would always recommend a full Survey when bringing a fireplace back into use or when you are changing a fireplaces use (from solid fuel to gas for example).  We have all the latest equipment and training to ensure that you get the clearest idea of what is happening inside your flue and what works might need to undertaken.

Sometimes referred to as a type 2 smoke test by building regulations. This test is carried out after each and every sweep to ensure that the flue is ‘drawing’ properly and removing the toxic waste products from your home to outside. This usually requires the flue to be preheated and then the use of a smoke pellet. This test can often identify a number of different issues such as downdraft, lack of ventilation, lack of ‘draw’ due to flue length of size as well as other issues.

Often referred to as a type 1 smoke test by building regulations. This test is used to check whether a flue is integrous throughout its length, i.e. that its not leaking out into another part of your house or an adjoining property. this test should always be performed when you are bringing a fireplace back into use, when you are changing and appliance or you are new to a property.