Chimney flues need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses; a clean chimney is therefore vital for these gasses to evacuate quickly and freely.

Regular cleaning removes soot and blockages and helps prevent dangerous and potentially damaging chimney fires. Cleaning improves the efficiency of your fire, saving you money on fuel.

At City Sweeps London we have experience in providing chimney sweeping services to both commercial and residential clients all across London. We only use the latest and best equipment to ensure that we will leave your chimney and home in perfect condition.

A sweep includes –

• Visual inspection of the flue.
• The fireplace area will be covered with protective dust sheets and sealed.
• The chimney will be swept in accordance with the ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ code of practice and the industry standard.
• A type 2 draught test (Smoke evacuation test) will be carried out using a smoke pellet.
• A ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ sweeping and servicing certificate will be issued.
• This service takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

An insurance recognised certificate is issued with every sweep, this will log the details of the appliance/ flue and any recommended remedial work will be noted. Many insurance providers now insist on a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping. This is also perfect for keeping records of when your chimney has received maintenance and will help to schedule future chimney sweeps.

In addition to sweeping the chimney, we offer expert advice on fuels, stoves and how to get the best out of your stove or fire. We are also promoters of the BurnRight campaign to help people get the best efficiency and also least pollution from their fire.

How often should I sweep my chimney?

  • Smokeless Coals: Once A Year When In Use
  • Wood: Twice A Year When In Use
  • Oil: Once A Year When In Use
  • Gas: Once A Year When In Use

We sweep all types of open fireplaces from inglenooks to cast iron Victorian insets. We use al the latest methods of sealing and protection to ensure your house and possessions are protected and kept clean.

Gas fires should be serviced every year by a gas safe technician. Part of their testing includes a smoke evacuation (draw test) which can only be completed once the chimney has been swept. Its vital that the chimney is swept every year to ensure that it is clear and safe to use. Carbon monoxide Poisoning is a real danger with gas fires.

Being registered and practising Hetas Installers as well as qualified and accredited chimney sweeps means you have the right professionals for your job.  Sweeping and servicing your wood burning and multi fuel stove is essential. Stoves should be swept every 3 months that they are in use and serviced at least once per year in order to keep them working correctly, efficiently and safely. We provide a full sweep and service option for makes and types of stove on the market today and can get spare parts and repair most problems we encounter. Our servicing includes stripping the stove down to its component parts, cleaning them, respraying any corroded parts, cleaning the glass, checking the moving parts (air levers, hinges etc), seals (ropes etc), checking the bricks, checking the air intake and generally making your stove look and perform like it did the day it was installed.  This is not something most sweeps include for in their price but we always do.

We are fully qualified and experienced in sweeping and servicing a wide range of solid fuel cookers and pizza ovens. We can work around your schedule to accommodate your needs to make sure you don’t have any shut down time that effects your home or business.

We have undertaken development courses to better understand and provide for clients who have specific needs in regards to Thatched Properties and Properties of Historic interest. We can look after all your particular needs and ensure that your property is cared for in the best possible way.

A major part of our business is Sweeping the Chimneys of Commercial Systems. These systems are both complex by nature and require expertise and experience beyond that of a standard Chimney Sweep.


Such Systems Include:

  • Biomass Boilers
  • Wood Gasification Boilers
  • Commercial Oil Boilers
  • Incinerators
  • Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
  • Commercial Coffee Roasters
  • And the Chimneys of Schools, Hospitals and Pubs that are considered Commercial.

For a company looking for contractors City Sweeps are experienced with modern contract systems. We have in place up to date risk assessments, method statements and health and safety policies along with being fully accredited NVQ Chimney Sweeps and CSCS card holders.

Some of the contract work we undertake includes Estates, Housing Associations, Property Management Companies and Pub/ Hotel Chains.